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Molecular Gastronomy



Molecular Cocktail Making



The cocktail making class is an introduction to modernist techniques across multiple applications, that are all achievable by the home cook in a moderately equipped kitchen. 

Our master molecular mixologist has been teaching bartenders for almost ten years on this subject alone, and he will give you the tools to take the knowledge and apply it widely within your existing cocktail making and cooking repertoire.

Techniques like Spheres, Foams, Pearls and Classics, will open up a new and exciting range of techniques for you to explore this exciting area of cocktail making.

Our master molecular mixologist will demonstrate, teach, and guide you through this exciting style of cocktails. For the enthusiastic home entertainer – your next dinner party will surely be a hit. 

For the industry professional, you will gain the knowledge to translate this into your bar/restaurant. And doesn’t require any expensive equipment!

Class length: 2 hours

Next Class:

Saturday 21st October @ 2pm

Price: $110
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  • Spherified Mojitos
  • various cocktails to give you the WOW impression

Learning outcomes

  • Attain a basic knowledge of molecular gastronomy
  • Learn how to create multiple effects with spectacular techniques
  • Gain an understanding of molecular applications
  • Learn how to accentuate flavours with textures and temperatures

 Next Class:   Saturday 21st October @2pm

*** Zigi’s Cooking School will send a courtesy email to confirm a class is proceeding as planned or a courtesy email and/or sms if the class is to be cancelled (if the minimum number of participants are not met) two days before the start date

If you do not receive the courtesy email or sms confirmation two days before the start date it is the participant’s responsibility to contact Zigi’s Cooking School to confirm the course is going ahead. See Terms and Conditions *** 



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