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Paleo Cuisine is based on the idea that ever since agriculture was born, and until today’s processed food, people have been eating food they were not supposed to, leading to new health problems.
The Paleo Diet tries to go against this bad food habits by inspiring itself from the food our ancestors – the Cavemen – used to eat: few carbohydrates and starch, lots of fibres and protein found in fruits, vegetables and meat.
In this class, Chef Zigi will give you advice on healthy ways to prepare and cook your food. You will go through several Paleo recipes and discover just how diversified and delicious it can be!
Whether you are gluten or lactose intolerant, want to lose some weight, are worried about how processed food might affect your health, or are just curious to discover new tasty and healthy recipes, this class is made for you!
After the course, you will turn the fruits of your labour…
Class length: 4 hours
Price: $135 per person

This class is held on Saturdays from 12 to 4pm
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If you do not receive the courtesy email or sms confirmation two days before the start date it is the participant’s responsibility to contact Zigi’s Cooking School to confirm the course is going ahead. See Terms and Conditions *** 


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