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Buck's Parties

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Bucks Parties

Come and celebrate your Buck’s Party at Zigi’s! You and your guests will cook a delicious meal while enjoying a drink. Whether you are good cooks or beginners, we guarantee that you will all have fun in the kitchen! When everything is ready, you get to sit around a table and eat all the tasty dishes that you have prepared together. You and your mates can then stay for drinks at Zigi’s Art Wine Cheese Bar for as long as you like. Whether you are organizing a Buck’s Party for you or for your friend, you will be able to choose all the special features you want to make this day unforgettable for everybody. We can organize your Buck’s Party at our premises (86, Abercrombie Street, Chippendale) or at any venue of your choice..

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Bucks Parties


The menu will be tailored with you to suit perfectly your tastes and needs for this special event.



A Buck’s Cooking Party at Zigi’s is a great way to have fun while learning something. All of you will learn some fancy recipes and our Chef will share with you plenty of his tips and techniques to prepare, cook and present your food!