Corporate Team Building


Corporate Team Building

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Team Building

A terrific team-building or corporate cooking class to really get the creative juices flowing Perfect for bonding and motivating teams, highlighting and celebrating innovation in the kitchen, inspiring leadership and strengthening teamwork, all in a safe and healthy cooperative environment.If your teams can take the heat in the kitchen, just imagine how well they’ll do in the boardroom!
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How Does

It Work?

The menu for your team-building event is tailored according to your tastes and requirements so that everybody can fully enjoy and benefit from this day. Our chef gladly adds any special feature that you ask to make this experience even more exciting and fun for everybody.The group is split into teams, each in charge of preparing one dish. The teams engage in a cook-off competition, and different prizes are awarded by our chef at the end (best presentation, most creative…). When everything is ready, all the teams gather around a table to enjoy the delicious dishes they have prepared together and can stay for drinks at Zigi’s Art Wine Cheese Bar! Your team building event can be held at our premises (8 Shepherd Street, Chippendale) or at a venue of your choice.