Draped Landscapes

Written by Zigi on Monday, August 3, 2015

ARTIST – Jack Reason
DATES – From January 17th to February 14th
OPENING –  January 17th 6pm
Hello. I am Jack Reason, The photographer of the draped landscapes series.
I love photographing draped fabric. I love to show the graceful curves and the way highlights and shadows intermix in a playful dance of shapes and shadows in a draped sheet of white fabric.
Fabric is one of the essences of humanity. No other animal covers their body with something artificial. So in a way it’s on a par with our faculty of speech.
The story of how the idea of draped landscapes came about might be a bit mundane, but you know what else is mundane? The spark that ignited almost every other great idea in the world. So here goes.
I was planning a shoot with a friend of mine who is a professional model and a talented photographer herself and we wanted to create a scene in which she is a stern goddess and she is doing something in a graveyard that can be construed as some sort of metaphorical action upon the collective fate of humanity. We thought about what that something should be and eventually I came up with the idea that it can be an act of sewing. So she went and put together a number of sewing related props including a gorgeous vintage sewing machine and a good length of white fabric.
After we actually did the shoot and I got to work a little on pictures I was fascinated by how good the draped fabric looked in the pictures and that got me thinking maybe I should just focus on the fabric a bit more. A couple of shoots later the draped landscapes became a thing and took a life of its own.
Now that I look back I realise I have always been fascinated by rendition of fabric by great master painters in their masterpieces. I have spent countless minutes staring at paintings and carefully tracing every brushstroke that formed what collectively we perceive as a piece of fabric in classical paintings. So it’s not a surprise after all that I decided to dedicate an entire series of work on this subject.
This exhibition is not by far the conclusion of draped landscapes project. It marks the maturation of the concept and the true beginning of the project in full swing. Now that I have gained intimate experience with the subject, more and more ideas keep occurring to me and I am using every opportunity to materialise those ideas and add many more high quality tableaus to the series.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the exhibition..

Article written by Zigi
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