ZIGI’S At Home


Our home delivery menu is mouth wateringly delicious, healthy and lasts for at least a week in the fridge.

Our dishes are prepared using the French technique of sous vide, locking in the flavour and creating a mouth-watering taste that’s both delicious and healthy.

Meals simply need to be reheated for a few minutes and you’re good to go. Contactless pick up and delivery.

Pick up:
From our Chippendale kitchen between Tuesday to Saturday.

The following day (select Sydney suburbs only).

This project is made possible thanks to the awesome folks at the City of Sydney.

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Chef Zigi wants you to maximise the flavour and more importantly shelf life of your food. Most takeaway places deliver your food in takeaway containers (hopefully in eco-containers) but the main problem, if you think about it, is that, it will not last long and takes up lots of space in your fridge….

We’ve taken a different approach to bring you maximum flavour and shelf life at 110%, we’ve used a technique that’ll give you the best quality food; we cook, chill, cryovac bag each meal and it is pasteurised. Some menu items are also prepared using the sous-vide method – food cooked in a bag in a controlled temperature, giving you one of the best ways to enjoy a delicious meal.

Guys, one word… Oxygen.
If you can take it out when storing fresh and dry food, it lasts longer.
Here are some benefits of vacuum sealing that’ll make your food stay fresher and tastier longer, and more importantly you can reheat without opening the bag.

Vacuum Sealers Preserve Food:
Vacuum sealers preserve food by preventing the growth of mould or bacteria. Vacuum sealing deprives your food of oxygen. Mould and bacteria cannot grow without oxygen.

Vacuum Sealing Extends Shelf Life:
food is greatly extended when you vacuum seal it. Vacuum sealing food preserves it 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers. The exact amount of time food will last in vacuum sealing varies depending on whether you are storing in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry.

Vacuum Sealed Food Tastes Better
Vacuum sealing holds in the moisture, juices, and flavour of the food. You’ll notice the difference in taste.

Vacuum Sealed Keeps Food Safe
Vacuum sealed keeps food safe from any contamination and odour .