“Wax Works” and “Cockatoo Island Series”

“Wax Works” and “Cockatoo Island Series”

ARTIST – Collab of Jacqueline Lamb and Pauline Zufferey

EXHIBITION’S NAME – “Wax Works” and “Cockatoo Island Series”
DATES – 18 January to 09 February 2014

Jacqueline:”I have been working with wax for the past six years and I hope you enjoy my exhibition as much as I have enjoyed producing the works.” Pauline:”I have been working with in the theme of Cockatoo Island for many years. This historical site has made a significant impression on me and has allowed me to expression this with in my work. Working with mixed media enhances the emotional quality of this subject.” LINKS – Jacqueline: website Pauline: website

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